Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to help our clients achieve optimal health by providing the right conditions for the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself.

The Attune Health team aspires to be approachable and empathic

We have reverence for the wisdom of the body to self-regulate and heal, so we gently educate & nurture people through their personal healing journey. This is achieved through understanding and compassion.

We care for every client, by listening, and holding space for them. Through our words we support and share our knowledge about how we can work together to enhance the body's ability to heal. Ultimately we seek to be a guiding voice that is here to empower and offer hope to all.


Synergistic Healing Model

Sound and light therapies combined bring added benefits to healing the mind, body & soul.

When Peter and Lee-Anne first set up the clinic they had distinct skills, expertise, and separate businesses in their areas of focus; Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy for Peter and Bio-Tuning Sound Therapy for Lee-Anne. However, as time progressed, they found themselves regularly consulting on mutual clients as they could see the synergistic potential of combining their therapies for the benefit of their clients.

The Bio-tuning (sound therapy) works on the subconscious level to address the root cause of most chronic disease (chronic stress caused by childhood trauma) by balancing the autonomic nervous system while the PBMT (light therapy) helps to repair some of the physical manifestations of chronic stress.

For example, clients with Fibromyalgia benefit from Light therapy by reducing physiological pain and inflammation and sound therapy helps reduce the impacts of poor sleeping patterns and an unbalanced nervous system from dealing with the stress of being in constant pain.

This was the genesis of Attune Health.

Sound healing bowl
Woman with eyes closed and headphones on

Client commitment

Attune Health’s guiding philosophy is centred around client engagement as an integral part of the healing process.

Crystal and dried grass

As our fundamental belief is that the client has the capacity to self-heal, we see ourselves as partnering our clients on their healing journey.

Therefore, almost all programs are reliant on the client’s commitment to undertake some form of daily home based self-care. We are engaging in a shift in the delivery of healthcare, whereby we walk alongside you and provide support as you take charge in your endeavour towards wellness.