Vibration Therapy


Sonix Vibration therapy

Sonic Whole Body Vibration (SWBV) therapy is a therapeutic treatment that uses sound waves to create vibrations throughout the body. SWBV is designed to enhance overall health and well-being by stimulating various bodily systems and promoting relaxation, circulation, and muscle activation.

How does Sonic Vibration Therapy work?

This therapy consists of standing upright on a Sonic platform that produces sonic vertical sound waves which exercise and stretch tendons and ligaments, stimulating every part of your body. These muscle contractions stimulate a dramatic increase in critical blood flow to joints and their connective tissues throughout the body. The result is reduced muscle/tendon/joint-related pain with an increase in bone/muscle mass, strength and flexibility.

What are the benefits of Sonic Vibration Therapy?

Muscle Activation: The vibrations can make your muscles contract, helping to strengthen and tone them.

Better Circulation: The increased blood flow can improve oxygen and nutrient delivery to your tissues.

Lymphatic Drainage: This therapy can help move toxins and waste out of your body through the lymphatic system.

Bone Density: Some studies suggest that it can help improve bone density, which is great for people with osteoporosis or similar conditions.

Pain Relief: The vibrations can help relieve pain by relaxing your muscles and reducing tension.

Stress Reduction: The calming effect of the sound waves and the physical relaxation from the vibrations can help lower your stress and anxiety levels.


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