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Discover valuable insights into your brain health with a comprehensive Wavi Brain Assessment

A WAVi brain assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of brain health utilizing EEG (electroencephalogram) technology to measure brainwave activity, reaction times, and other cognitive metrics. It provides valuable insights into cognitive function, assists in monitoring brain health over time, and helps in the development of personalized treatment plans to optimize brain performance and overall well-being.

Revolutionize Your Brain Health

Understanding Your Brain Health with WAVi Brain Assessments

Much like any other part of your body, your brain experiences changes over time. Regular monitoring of your brain's performance allows both you and your healthcare provider to effectively manage potential cognitive decline, traumatic events such as concussion, unexpected health circumstances and lifestyle changes.

Making Sense of Brain Data

Navigating through complex brain data can be daunting, but fear not! WAVi simplifies this information into digestible metrics, ensuring clarity and ease of understanding. It's like having a conversation with your brain in a language we all comprehend.

Brain model
Wavi brain assessment being performed

How WAVi Works

WAVi employs EEG technology to capture your brain's electrical activity in response to stimuli, such as sound. By measuring parameters like brain speed, wave power, and reaction times, we generate a comprehensive report on your brain health. This information is invaluable for tailoring personalized treatment plans and evaluating their effectiveness.

Is a Brain Assessment right for me?

If you're pondering questions like:

  • How is my brain faring with age?
  • Can I enhance my cognitive abilities?
  • What is the correlation between my brain metrics and mental health?
  • Has my brain fully recovered from a concussion?

Then Attune Heatlh and WAVi is your go-to resource for answers. Consider us your brain's reliable companion, providing insights into its functioning and well-being. Book an assessment in our Sunshine Coast clinic.

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